Monday, August 13th

Double Dummy! You know your friends who gather fortnightly to play bridge, meticulously sipping pinot grigio and pretending they are their parents? Shove them into a taxi and send them over to hear Edward McPherson, author of The Backwash Squeeze & Other Improbable Feats: A Newcomer’s Journey into the World of Bridge, read from his new book. Did you know that bridge devotees past and present include the Marx brothers, George Burns, Wilt Chamberlain (when he wasn’t having sex), Winston Churchill, Sting, Bill Gates and the guys from Radiohead? Now you do. Meanwhile, for the penultimate summer movie screening at Bryant Park, they are bringing out the big guns: Casablanca will screen at sundown. Our Big Cheese Editor has taken his white flannel trousers to the cleaners for this one.

[Edward McPherson reading, McNally Robinson Booksellers, 52 Prince Street, 7 p.m.; Casablanca, Bryant Park, sundown,]