Next Spitzer Hearing Scheduled Around Tom Duane

The Brunogate hearing scheduled for September 5th, which may feature the state Inspector General, will be missing the leading Democratic state Senator, Tom Duane.

At the last hearing, Duane tried arguing that that house’s Republican-led investigation into the actions of the Spitzer administration in digging up travel-related dirt on Joe Bruno should be put on hold until two other investigations (by the Ethics Commission and Albany DA) are concluded. He also, unsuccessfully, tried to interrupt the Republican chairing the hearing, George Winner.

Duane won’t be there this time because he’ll be returning from a 12-day trip to Israel, he told me.

“I wish he’d been more collegial and checked my schedule before setting the date,” said Duane, referring to Winner. Duane said he agreed to go on the trip, organized by the Jewish Community Relations Council, because he thought it would be “uneventful” this time of year.