Poll: More Opposition to Congestion Pricing

A new Quinnipiac poll out today shows New Yorkers opposing congestion pricing by 57 to 36 percent.

Weirdly, opposition to congestion pricing rises two percentage points when people are told the money would go to prevent transit fare and toll hikes.

When told the money would go to prevent transit fare and toll hikes, the numbers flip and people support the plan 57 to 38.

When told that $354 million for transportation improvements was contingent on implementing the plan, 51 percent of respondents considered it “federal meddling."

Here's how the opposition to congestion pricing breaks down by borough:

36 – 54 percent in Manhattan
61 – 30 percent in Queens;
60 – 34 percent in Brooklyn;
74 – 21 percent in The Bronx;
56 – 39 percent in Staten Island.

UPDATE: The original post was based on my partial misreading of teh results, which were, it turns out, not so weird after all. Apologies.

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