Sunday, August 12th

Fringe and Purge! The Fringe, that lovable crackpot cousin of Broadway, seems determined to restore our faith in the art of performance—and truly, what’s not to love about happy little snippets of theater such as “Hail Satan” (tag line: “Witness the birth of the Antichrist—and meet the Corporate Communications Department responsible for raising her”) and “angel/buddy” (“two exhausted friends with inexhaustible cocaine struggle against bitter human realities and an alien disdain for semen”). Right! Really, though, we’re most interested in playwright Will Brumley, who has written an ironic musical (is there any other kind?) called Williamsburg! The Musical. Sigh. “It was a total working-class place before they all moved in,” Mr. Brumley said, referring to hipsters. “You’re right by the BQE with all those diesel trucks spewing out their toxins. No one wanted to live there! We have a song called ‘The ’Burg was Burning,’ and it’s about wild packs of dogs running through the streets, and huge jumbo rats and people with machetes.” Where are those people with machetes roaming the Williamsburg streets when we really need them?

[Fringe Festival, August 10-26, for times and theater locations]