Vibe Rater: Whole Foods Market, 95 East Houston Street

For all the clamor and crowds initially drawn to Whole Foods on the Bowery, which opened this past spring, the place is an organic ghost town during the daytime.

“Hello? Hellooooo?” huffed one silk-shirted gentleman who lingered several minutes without service by an unattended meat counter one recent Thursday afternoon.

Sure, there’s some lunch-hour action in the upper-level food court. But the spacious grocery aisles looked desolate. The near total lack of hustle and bustle seemed to leave the dozen or so patrons in a lethargic daze, seemingly hypnotized by the maze of organic teas and spelt-made pastas.

One dreadlocked gentleman sporting cargo shorts stared for nearly 10 whole minutes at an expansive selection of syrup in the coffee aisle.

Molasses, anyone?