Adam Bordner Gets Angry in the Food Court

On Sunday at around noon, there was one free table at the food court. Two groups approached it. One group was made up of a dad and his daughters; the other included three ladies and their male companion, Adam Bordner.

The dad put his stuff beside the table, thinking he’d reserve it while his daughters grabbed some food. Bordner wasn’t having it.

“I came up and said, ‘Just sit down girls! We’re sitting down.”

The dad sat at the table too. After a heated discussion — Bordner described it as a “throwdown” — and some heavy awkwardness, a table opened up nearby, diffusing the tense situation.

Bordner, who lives in Hell’s Kitchen, came to the Open in a good mood after spending the previous night celebrating his birthday at The Ritz. But the altercation put something of a damper on the day. And he was unhappy about something else, too.

“Now I’m mad cause Gatorade costs $4.50 and they only accept cash,” he said.

Adam Bordner Gets Angry in the Food Court