Also in the Observer on September 5: Clintons, Bloomberg, Reid, the Daily News, a Pumpkin

Jason Horowitz writes about the Clinton is campaign’s claims to a piece of Rudy Giuliani’s 9/11. (Four words: Ground Zero air quality.)

Steve Kornacki talks to Mitt Romney’s Democratic opponent from the Massachusetts governor’s race and finds that time has not mellowed her opinions.

Kornacki also has a column about Harry Reid’s strategy on Iraq.

Max Abelson reports on Michael Bloomberg $40 million purchase of his next neighbor’s place on Madison Avenue. So maybe he’s not planning to go anywhere after all.

The Daily News’ editor in chief downplays the shake-ups at the paper, telling Michael Calderone, “the moment there is a modicum of change, it’s like the bloody roof falls in.”

I have a piece about a protest of the city’s first Arabic-themed public school and why its critics got so much attention.

And pictured above is Bill Clinton at the New Hampshire state fair, where he saw one of the most impressive pumpkins ever, and drew an extended analogy, to the fascination of a pack of national reporters, with some Arkansas melons.