Another Winner: NYRA’s Attorneys

When Eliot Spitzer announced today that NYRA should continue operating the state’s horse racing (but not necessarily the casino) franchise, it was a big victory for NYRA, but also for the law firm they recently retained, Getnick & Getnick.

Bennett Liebman, the acting director and visiting assistant professor of law at the Government Law Center, emailed me to suggest a related issue:

“There was a very interesting finesse of the integrity monitor issue by the Governor’s office. There have been some issues raised that the hiring of Getnick and Getnick by NYRA was not in compliance with the terms of Racing Law which requires that all NYRA contracts in excess of $250,000 be competitively bid. The MOU says that NYRA “will continue the retention of an independent business integrity counsel” making it appear that the firm of Getnick and Getnick has been grandfathered in.”

Anyone know any more about this?