Armories and Lofts Are So 2006: Band of Outsiders Shows At Sea

Spotted at the Band of Outsiders show, which took place on Tuesday night aboard a sailboat docked at Chelsea Piers: former New York Times film critic Elvis Mitchell, sipping a drink with GQ multimedia editor Andy Comer on the starboard side. The waters were rough, and the boat was rocking to and fro as its passengers—including a bunch of models looking like jaded Andover escapees—clutched the railings for dear life.

Mr. Comer was wearing a Band of Outsiders blue skinny tie and button-down, and Mr. Mitchell was wearing a khaki cotton two-button Band of Outsiders suit. Is it standard practice during Fashion Week, we wondered, to wear a designer’s clothes to his/her show?

God, is it like wearing a band’s t-shirt to that band’s concert?” Mr. comer said. “Because I would never do that.”

Mr. Mitchell explained that B.O.O designer Scott Sternberg is the only man alive who could get him to wear a summer suit. “I don’t like cotton suits. But this…I just love the silhouette.” Mr. Mitchell was so impressed, he added, that he had invited Mr. Sternberg on his public-radio show (we didn’t know he had one either!), and they had been friends ever since. Additionally, Mr. Mitchell had just made a cameo on Entourage, our big-cheese editor’s favorite show ever, wearing Band of Outsiders.

Was his fitted baby-blue silk shirt also by Band of Outsiders?

Mr. Mitchell paused. “It’s…”

Out it came:

“I’m almost like a gay man when it comes to clothes,” he admitted. “This is a vintage shirt, and a vintage belt, and the shoes… I bought in Italy.”

Shortly after eight, the masses cleared out, the models went home, and a small group of Mr. Sternberg’s friends and associates set sail for a quick jaunt around the harbor. Or were they going to New Jersey? The editors on board seemed unsure. “It’s going to hell!” cried one woman, drink firmly in hand.