Bloomberg Versus Giuliani on Gun Law

Michael Bloomberg could not have been pleased at Rudy’s Giuliani’s recent expression of support for the Tiahrt Amendment, which Bloomberg says prevents law enforcement officials from gathering data about gun sales.

During a Q&A just now in City Hall, Bloomberg reiterated his strong feelings about the amendment, which he has fought to have Congress overturn.

“The Tiahrt Amendment is something that is not in the interest of people who want to be safe in this country. It’s an outrage. For those that say guns, gun laws and enforcement should be the province of localities, municipalities and states, I couldn’t agree more. The trouble is, the Tiahrt Amendment is designed to prevent that. So you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say it should be left to localities and then have a federal law that doesn’t give them the information.”

Giuliani, in a speech to the NRA, called the amendment “sensible and said it helps law enforcement efforts.