Catchin’ Up With Candace at Cynthia Rowley; Plus, Bicycle Babes!

“I was here a couple of days ago and they were all back there working like little elves,” former Observer columnist Candace Bushnell told the Transom on the runway at the Cynthia Rowley show at Gotham Hall. Seated nearby were All My Children’s Levin Rambin and eco-socialite Arden Wohl in an un-cinched flowing red dress and black flower headband–of course!

The crowd chomped away on Rowley-provided popcorn and water as the lights dimmed. Models sporting Hamptons-style flowing white and beige wide-leg tapered pants prowled down the runway against techno beats. The palette seemed very much inspired by the designer’s children’s toy room: pastel blue, pink and purple. After the final catwalk, models straddled vintage bikes and rode off the runway—this week’s Observer cover story come to life!