Dear’s Taxi Money

Buried deep inside Tom Robbins’ article this week on the taxi strike was this interesting line about Noach Dear, a commissioner on the Taxi and Limousine Commission who is reluctant to discuss publicly his race for civil court judge:

“When the Voice recently tried to ask TLC chairman Matthew Daus what he thought about the massive amount of campaign funds that one of his commissioners, former city councilman Noach Dear, was harvesting from taxi companies, Daus ignored the inquiries.”

Here’s one small example of that I found in about five minutes of research. In June, Dear received a $200 donation from the “How Are You” corporation, whose address is 41-25 36th Street. At that same address is All Taxi Management, Inc., which donated $500.

A man who answered the phone at All Taxi told me there are indeed two separate companies at the address, but that All Taxi and How Are You are owned by the same person, Neil Greenbaum.