Elsewhere: Clinton, Smith, NYPD

In Iraq today, President Bush said it’s possible to “maintain the same level of security with fewer American forces.”

In an op-ed article in the LA Times today, Mario Cuomo said “the feeble, post-factum” resolutions passed by congress are no substitute for formal declarations of war, which haven’t been issued in some time.

Hillary Clinton has a big lead in a new poll of some North Carolina voters.

The departure of several aides to Tom Suozzi has Sid Cassese wondering if Suozzi will run for re-election.

Malcolm Smith chided Mike Bloomberg at a breakfast today, saying, “I know I don’t look as good as your girlfriend, but you could at least talk to me!”

Room 8 trumps DMC’s kind words for Hillary by posting remarks by rapper 50 Cent saying, “I’d like to see Hillary be president…”

Some people in Saratoga nervously wait to hear who Spitzer will pick to run the state’s horseracing franchise.

Republicans in the state Senate spent thousands at a local car dealership getting vehicles for their members.

While two people are campaigning for the job of highway superintendent of Rye, New York, others want the job eliminated.

To pick their candidates for this years elections, Democrats in New Paltz will hold a caucus meeting on September 11th.

And above is a clip of the NYPD’s Caribbean music team.

Elsewhere: Clinton, Smith, NYPD