Elsewhere: Craig, Hsu, Credico

Larry Craig won’t resign if he’s cleared of charges that he solicited sex from a man in an airport bathroom, according to Senator Mitch McConnell.

Fugative campaign contributor Norman Hsu still has his passport.

Joe Bruno likes fast trains.

Roger Stone reviews the play Frost/Nixon, which he mistakenly said he was attending the night someone used his phone to prank call Eliot Spitzer’s dad.

Jon Corzine “doesn’t appear to be a hot commodity with Democratic legislative candidates,” according to PoliticsNJ.com.

The Albany Project has a video summarizing all the problems with Rudy Giuliani in 30 seconds.

The League of Conservative Voters grades the state legislature.

Here's a map of Jewish history and heritage for New York.

Daniel Pipes is skeptical (!) about the Khalil Gibran school.

Here's a report from the NYCLU on the NYPD's Civilian Complaint Review Board [added].

And above is a clip of Randy Credico impersonating whoever it was that made the prank call to Eliot Spitzer’s father.

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