Elsewhere: Dear, Clinton, Gallagher

Judicial candidate Noach Dear drives the wrong way down a one-way street to avoid an interview with Andrew Kirtzman.

Tom Robbins sheds some unflattering light on the Taxi and Limousine Commission (where Noach Dear is a commissioner).

Darren Dopp will cooperate with that subpoena from the state Ethics Commission after all.

Plans to close some hospitals upstate are moving forward.

David Grandeau’s departure from the Temporary State Commission on Lobbying sort of looks a little like an advertisement for his new job, according to the Times Union.

Hillary Clinton, whose vote to authorize the war in Iraq was once thought to be a serious liability, is popular with anti-war Democrats.

In the comments section, Phillip Anderson says there’s no chance Clinton or Obama will show up to a debate organized by Lenora Fulani.

John Edwards will run an ad after George Bush’s speech.

George Pataki finally gets that job from the White House he’s always been looking for.

With Mark Warner running for Senate, Ben wonders who’s up for that VP slot.

Courtney Gross points out that Councilman Dennis Gallagher is about to appear on a ballot for the first time since he was charged with rape.

John Kerry and Kos jump all over John Boenher’s comment that the 4,000 dead Americans in Iraq was a “small price.”

This report shows how the House and Senate bills would affect uninsured children in New York and other states (page 3).

And pictured above is George Pataki, signing an autograph for one of his admiring fans.

Elsewhere: Dear, Clinton, Gallagher