Friday, September 14th

When indie bands grow up they get to play Madison Square Garden. … Tonight Interpol takes the stage (remember back in those heady early 2000 days when it seemed like everyone you knew used to claim they went to N.Y.U. with those guys?). Regardless, fellas, get out your eyeliner and best skinny jeans (tuck to the left, Sergeant!) Expect a new pink-bottomed crop of The Hills viewers to come here for that one song that’s infected the populace like a rogue earwig. … Meanwhile, the good fall movies are beginning to roll out. … For anyone who complains New York City has lost its edge, check out the new Jodie Foster movie, The Brave One. It’s like the young hooker she played in Taxi Driver has matured into a lovely woman. Bobby and Marty should be proud!

[Interpol, Madison Square Garden, 33rd Street and Seventh Avenue,; The Brave One, for tickets and showtimes,]