Give Till It Hearst, Baby! Happenin’ Heiress Amanda Ain’t Just Partying—This Plucky Kid’s Got Plans

What does Amanda Hearst think of the word “socialite”? “It can have a pretty negative connotation, because it sort if implies that you don’t have a job,” said the publishing heiress on Monday, Sept. 10, at Cipriani 23rd Street, where she was co-hosting a party with designer daughter Margherita Missoni and IMG’s Fern Mallis, celebrating (mysteriously plugging?) One Scottsdale, a resort in, er, Arizona. Stephane Pompougnac was D.J.-ing; later, the singer John Legend would perform. Ms. Hearst was wearing a black sleeveless top and a colorful, floral-print silk miniskirt. “I don’t really like that title, but at the same time it’s just sort of an easy label,” she continued “You know, I’m young, I’m still in college, so it’s okay that I’m doing that.”

While Ms. Hearst may enjoy going to parties, she didn’t dive headlong into Fashion Week, because, as she put it, “seeing as I’m not in the fashion world that much, there’s no necessity for me to go to every single thing.” She did make it to her friend Nicky Hilton’s debut collection for Nicholai and Catherine Malandrino’s show. “I really like designers that have a French edge,” she said, citing collections by Chanel and YSL. “The design houses are letting all these celebrities and socialites borrow their clothing! And then there’s definitely this partnership with the paparazzi and the photographers at all these parties—that has increased tenfold, so there’s just like a different way of promoting your businesses and your clothing right now, and I guess socialites are one way of doing that.”

Ms. Hearst is no heir-head, though—she’ll graduate with an art history degree from Fordham University in December, after which she plans to either work in a Manhattan art gallery or take a few months off to travel. This summer, she took a trip with girlfriends to an eco-resort in Costa Rica. “It was really, really authentic,” she said. “In the middle of nowhere.”