G.O.P. Operative Goes Bruno One Better on Spitzer

Michael Caputo, the “editor of NYFacts.net, makes Joe Bruno seem shy and retiring on the subject of bringing Eliot Spitzer to justice.

In a letter to the Buffalo News (a link to which he emailed around earlier today), Caputo says Spitzer violated Bruno’s civil rights and committed a serious crime. He writes:

“This is a felony and an impeachable offense. Targeting Sen. Joseph Bruno for such treatment is a violation of the longtime leader’s civil rights, a federal offense and grounds for impeachment. But to The News, Troopergate is much ado about nothing.
Nothing? Comptroller Alan Hevesi used state cars to cart his wife around, got berated in The News and was eventually bounced. But not Spitzer — it was a staff snafu.”

This is a sort of a tangential question, but at what point does this sort of talk make other Albany officialssuspected of misbehavior uncomfortable?