Harvard Jokers Sell The Facebook Book to Harry N. Abrams

Recent Harvard graduates Greg Atwan and Evan Lushing have sold a satirical book about Facebook to Harry N. Abrams Inc, to be published in spring 2008. Mr. Atwan declined to say how much he and his partner were paid, but said it was “in the range” of $50,000.

The Facebook Book, Mr. Atwan said, will not be a users’ guide and will contain “no journalism”: instead it will be full of jokes, anecdotes, and “fanciful stories.”

“We’re thinking of it now as a satire of life on the Facebook,” Mr. Atwan said.

Mr. Lushing, an alumnus of the Harvard Lampoon, said the book will be made up of short, abstract humor pieces not unlike the kind that have historically shown up in the Lampoon. “The best metaphor,” he said, “would be if the Lampoon had done a Facebook number.”

Mr. Lushing and Mr. Atwan, who are sharing an apartment in Chelsea, both recently quit their jobs in order to work on the book fulltime. Mr. Atwan was an editor at Michael Wolff’s web start-up Newser.com; Mr. Lushing was part of a comedy troupe in L.A. that made short videos.