Vogue Masthead Turns Out In Full Force For Erin Fetherston’s Furbelows

Erin Fetherston, statuesque designer of feminine frocks (and the next high-end designer to hit a Target near you), attracted a sizeable portion of the Vogue masthead to her show at Bryant Park on Wednesday Senior market editor Meredith Melling Burke teetered precariously on the highest sparkling gold platform stripper-shoes we have ever seen, but still managed to look like a sweet little school girl, hawking T-shirts for a good cause—we’re not quite sure which—to the crowd in the front row. Also spotted were socialite Lauren Davis; actresses Brittany Snow and Zooey Deschanel,;and “It” models Agyness Deyn (resplendent in hot pink), and Irina Lazareanu, who wore what looked to be snow boots. (Since when do models not walking in a show qualify as front-row celebrities?)

The lights went down. Anna Wintour donned her sunglasses. Ms. Fetherston’s soft-colored suits and shirts channeled Working Girl, but were paired with Arden-Wohl-like white headbands that progressed into turban territory and beyond. One poor girl lost a massive white chunk heel halfway down the runway. She walked on her toe the rest of the way.

Backstage, Lyndell Mansfeld, a stylist at Bumble & Bumble, was overseeing the mannequins’ hair. “[Erin’s] girls are always kind of beautiful, princessy, fairy, mermaidy, ethereal… they look like good girls, but really they’re quite cheeky,” said Ms. Mansfeld, also known as “Pinky” because of her dyed pink ‘do. “We’ve had a lot of cloneys going on,” she continued. “You know, everyone was getting a fierce bob cut, and everyone was getting bangs cut, and it was like, ‘Ok, cut your hair off!’ So this season we’re going to go back to having our individual freedom.” Phew!