Japanese Nation Agog as Tinsley Mortimer Goes Pouf! She Diets, She Designs, She’s Sick of the Hamptons!

“I can eat a little bit more after this whole week!” said socialite Tinsley Mortimer at the Luca Luca show in Bryant Park on Monday, Sept. 10. A Japanese film crew was following her every move as she explained how designers send over outfits for her to wear, to “support” their lines.

Like many bright young things of the new millennium, Ms. Mortimer has begun designing herself, for the Japanese company Samantha Thavasa—first handbags, now clothing. “I was just actually there,” she said. “I got back last weekend.” So what’s the quintessential Mortimer silhouette? “They’re pieces that I really like, pieces that I want to wear, pieces that I would have in my closet,” she said. “There’s definitely a baby-doll jumper in there, I have a bubbly pouf dress, signature things that I love. There’s some other shapes—skirts, some little blouses. There’s a print that has hearts on it that has my name written into it, which is exciting for me, to have a blouse with my name on it.” That is thrilling, honey ….

For now these items are only available East of the Pacific (and perhaps on eBay), but Ms. Mortimer isn’t ruling out importing the look. “Not sure!” she said. Right now, however, work is the last thing on her mind. “I love fall in the city, it’s my favorite time. I’m looking forward to not rushing out to the Hamptons every weekend and just relaxing.”