Law Prof: “Perhaps” IG Spitzer Investigation Should Have Been Referred to AG

A law professor testifying in an Albany hearing said of the inspector general who investigated the Spitzer administration that “perhaps she should have referred it” to the attorney general.

The professor, Michael Hutter of Albany Law, later opted not to get more specific than that about the actions of Inspector General Kristine Hamann, saying, “I honestly just don’t have any position on that.”

Hamann ran into a conflict when the person she reports to in the governor’s office, secretary Rich Baum, became the subject of her inquiry into the actions of some of the governor’s aides in involving state police to track the movements of Joe Bruno.

When asked if the governor can with hold private emails sought by investigator by claiming executive privilege, Hutter said no.

That privilege may be forfeited “by resort” to the use of private email accounts, he said.