Maggie Shnayerson Out at Village Voice, Will Cover Media at Gawker

Maggie Shnayerson is leaving her post as publicity director of the Village Voice for a reporting job at, crossing back over onto this side of the game for the first time since just after college.

Replacing Doree Shafrir (who starts at the Observer Monday!), Ms. Shnayerson will start at Gawker at the end of the month as an associate editor covering media.

Gawker editor Choire Sicha posted an item announcing the new hire early this afternoon. “We were most impressed with Maggie when dealing with her on stories about the Voice: She was a complete hardass. Kind of a bitch, in fact! But a superfun bitch,” Mr. Sicha wrote. “This is a prime requirement for working here. I also liked that she has experience with how the business side of media things are run—and also a great ear for how PR spin is propagated.”

“I know I’m going to miss her terribly,” said Voice editor Tony Ortega this morning. “But I think she’s got something really good going.”