Marauding Models in the Meatpacking District: Meet May Anderson!

“I’m actually not doing any shows, I’ve been shooting. I might do Heatherette on Tuesday, but just for fun,” said Danish supermodel May Anderson, 25, who was wearing a short black dress cinched with hefty gold links, at the Repetto store opening on Wednesday night. The party was co-hosted by Wes Anderson darling Waris Ahluwalia (whom, drat, we forgot to buttonhole about Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt).

When Ms. Anderson (no relation!), who was arrested last spring for hitting a flight attendant on a trip from Miami to Amsterdam, is not working, she turns to the people who are closest to her. “Family, basically,” she said. “Good friends around, too—safety and security. You have to go home to somewhere, you know?”

Ms. Anderson’s physical home is a new three-bedroom townhouse duplex on Christopher and Washington streets a few blocks from the venue. “It’s really cute!” she gushed of her minted digs. “I have to work a lot, so I won’t really get to vacation somewhere,” she added, glancing sultrily around the room—which offered a sort of Brokeback-goes-to-Paris air with weathered wood, Edison light bulbs, and lots of denim.

Next to Ms. Anderson, Ethiopian-born supermodel Liya Kebede posed discreetly for a kneeling photographer. “It’s fun to come back to shows and see everybody again and see the new collection,” said Ms. Kebede, whose favorite designers include Michael Kors, Proenza Schouler and Zac Posen. “It’s a nice buzz, a nice energy that comes into the city when all the models are in town and all these crazy parties are happening.”

How does she relax? “You don’t unwind,” Ms. Kebede said. “You kind of hold, hold, hold and then you relax when it’s done. I have two kids, so that’s my preparation. It’s serious preparation.” We hear ya, mama!

Marauding Models in the Meatpacking District: Meet May Anderson!