Ooh—Fuzzy! A Kinder, Gentler Jackal (So Far) Settles In at Wylie Agency

To be sure, 30 of the 80 or so authors Mr. Moyers worked with at Penguin were already Wylie clients before Mr. Moyers came over. And he told Off the Record Monday that he has no intention of trying to lure others from their current representation—though he won’t rule out adding to the Wylie stable. “I am not making it my business to think in those terms or be predatory,” he said. “There is so much good work to do. I think, like all agents, if something happens organically—if one is approached, if something makes sense, then so be it. I’m not going to be morbidly squeamish in a kind of way that doesn’t make sense. But I am going to be straightforward and open.”

Mr. Moyers confessed to some “inner squishiness” in his personality—which might not seem a perfect fit for an agency run by Mr. Wylie—but he said he was ready to make adjustments. “Any time you make a leap like this into a new world, you have to think about the quality of life and the things about it that are going to go against the grain of your innate disposition, whatever that is,” Mr. Moyers said. “I think I have some squishy areas in my personality … aspects that will be tested.”

So, is Mr. Moyers signing up to become Jackal Junior? Or, as one competitor puts it: “The question for Scott is, if you swim with the sharks, are you going to become one of the sharks?”

Mr. Moyers mainly seems amused when confronted with such speculation. “I thank them for their concern, for their solicitude. I’m moved by their empathy,” he said. “I ask them to give me a soul X-ray a year from now, and if I have black spots on the lungs of my soul, then, you know, they can just rush me to the infirmary and fill me up with drugs. But I somehow think it’s going to be okay.”