Pelosi and Bloomberg Talk Rescue Worker Comp, Guns

During her visit to City Hall today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she supports re-opening the federal victim’s compensation fund to pay for health care costs of rescue workers affected by 9/11. She did not say which specific bill she supports. Ultimately, she said, the plan has to be “sustainable.”

“I believe we must address the issue. Again, there are several proposals on the table. But what we want to do is bring them together and take the smartest approach to it. We want to have an approach that is sustainable.”

A spokesman for Bloomberg said the mayor and the speaker also discussed the Tiahrt Amendment, which the mayor says stymies law enforcement from tracking illegal guns. The spokesman, Stu Loeser, declined to elaborate on what, if any agreements, were reached on that issue.

Christine Quinn and the City Council will unveil on September 18th the Council’s federal agenda, where these and other issues will be revisited.