Rudy Ad: He’s MoveOn’s “Worst Nightmare”

Rudy Giuliani has a new radio ad in which he (once again) embraces the attacks on him by

Here’s the script.

Voiceover: is the most powerful left wing group in the country. They spent millions electing anti-war liberals. And publicly brag how the Democratic Party is theirs – bought and paid for.

Why is MoveOn attacking Rudy Giuliani?

Because he’s their worst nightmare.

They know Rudy is a Republican who can beat the Democrats. And they know, no matter what they say- Rudy will never, ever back down.

Rudy Giuliani: I’m Rudy Giuliani, and I approve this message.

Voiceover: Paid for by the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee, Incorporated.

This is getting very, very silly.

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