Saturday, September 15th

Calling all cougars! Strap on your best leopard-print outfit and self-inject a whopping dose of penicillin, it’s an open call for a MORE/Wilhelmina model search, on the prowl for the hottest 40+ babes in New York. (Botox pays off, again!) Yes, now that the town has been swept clean of 15-year-old Romanian beauties, Wilhelmina Models allows lasses with some living under their thongs to strut their stuff. Later, at an event that rivets us, 50-year veteran Playboy cartoonist LeRoy Neiman will be presiding over a reception opening his “Femlin” retrospective (the “Femlin” is the busty naked woman he draws; not that we have to tell you gentlemen that). Etched charmingly on the invitation, we found what Mr. Neiman titled “Wine Glass Gymnastics 2.” Let’s just say her legs are spread, stemware is involved … ahem! Climbing back out of the gutter—because after all we are trying to have a civilization here folks—GOTHAM Magazine (What? Oops! Sorry, back in the gutter!) and Imperia Vodka sponsor a Making Books Sing Back to School Ball 2007, to benefit arts education in New York City schools. Does anyone else see the irony in a Vodka company sponsoring a back-to-school event? Calling Lindsay Lohan!

[MORE/WILHELMINA 40+ Model Search Open Call, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Wilhelmina Modeling Agency, 300 Park Avenue South,, LeRoy Neiman’s Femlin, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., 431 West Broadway, 800-926-9535, Making Books Sing Back to School Ball 2007, RUNWAY, 4 East 28th Street, 8 p.m.]