School (Blogs) in Session

Starting today, school is back in session. And, for that matter, so are a host of education blogs and web sites:

Here’s the official blog of the United Federation of Teachers.

And here’s the official blog of New York City public school students.

A writer on this site said the education stories in the New York Times were reminiscent “of the Times’ coverage of the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”

This disgruntled teacher wants to end mayoral control.

This group, called “Democrats for Education Reform,” is big on criticizing Democrats.

A caucus of educators within the UFT is weary about upcoming contract negotiations, and says, “we recommend a strategy of emphasizing non economic matters when the UFT goes back to the bargaining table.”

Here is a rare blog by a high school teacher who doesn’t hide his identity. (It’s written by Brian Gavin of Grover Cleveland High School.)

This Brooklyn-based teacher has a list of ten mistakes made by first-year teachers.

This teacher muses aloud about punishment and consequences in the classroom.

Teachers can check for plagarism by submitting students papers here.

And the drawing above is from an item on the site nycedutator, run by an ESL teacher.

School (Blogs) in Session