Smith, DiNapoli Cheer Same-Sex Ruling

State Senator Malcolm Smith, who had some trouble explaining his position on same-sex marriage earlier, came out strongly in support of it today, in response to a court ruling on the issue. From a statement:

“Today’s State Supreme Court Decision upholding the rights of gay marriages to benefit from the state pension system as any other couple is a step in the right direction in our struggle to provide full marriage equality to all families. While other states and countries have moved forward, New York can not continue falling behind on this important civil rights issue. As we demand civic obligations from every citizen, today’s court decision is a resounding message on the need to provide equal protection to all.

“Though same-sex marriage is not legal in New York State, it is encouraging that the court sees the importance of extending benefits to those whose same sex unions are sanctioned by other states and jurisdictions”

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli also sent out a statement of support, saying, “New York State recognizes any marriage that has been conducted in accordance with the laws of other states and countries – and that includes same-sex marriages.”