Socialite Scarfs It Up: Denise Wohl, Mother of Arden, Markets Creative Headgear

On Saturday, Sept. 1, celebrities and ladies who lunch—including Allan Houston, Jason Binn and Denise Wohl—gathered at a Sag Harbor manse to support the Diamond Empowerment Fund, which benefits students in Southern Africa. Like her daughter, “alterna”-socialite Arden, Ms. Wohl distinguished herself by virtue of her headdress: a visor with a vintage scarf attached to it.

As it turns out, the creation was all her own. Mama Wohl has produced a number of the offbeat chapeaus, and is currently hawking them at Parker Boutique, the Madison Avenue shop owned by her elder daughter, Joselyn.

Apparently, inspiration struck after a long day of sitting in the sun.

“I was on vacation with my family last year, and I was on the beach and my daughter Arden lent me one of her scarves to use for my hair,” Ms. Wohl said at the event, which was hosted by music mogul Russell Simmons. “But then I put on a visor on top of it to protect against the sun, and I didn’t like how the visor kept slipping down on top of the scarf. So I ran right to the hotel room and got out the scissors and 40 minutes later the Windtoss was born.”

Ms. Wohl pronounced the Windtoss (which retails for $150 to $275 depending on the shape and size) a huge success, and added that all her friends and family are wearing them. “Arden really likes the ones with the oversize visor with the deconstructed cap,” she said.