Spitzer Is Officially Popular Again

It’s a phenomenon I hadn’t seen since July: elected officials jockeying to stand next to Eliot Spitzer.

At a press conference at the governor’s office in midtown where he announced new rules about drivers licenses, the commissioner of the DMV, an immigrant advocate and others joked that you needed sharp elbows to get to podium, where Spitzer was surrounded by Democrats from the Assembly and state Senate.

After touting the findings from the Albany district attorney that cleared Spitzer and his aides of wrongdoing, Spitzer said, “The public deserved a thorough review of this matter and that has occurred. The public now deserves a government that gets back to business.”

As if hearing that message (there was an operative from the state Senate Republican majority in attendance), Republicans announced they’ll hold a hearing on the governor’s appointees who are awaiting confirmation from the state Senate.

During a Q&A, Spitzer was asked what he told the District Attorney about what he knew of the plan to have the state police create records on Joe Bruno’s use of state police.

Spitzer said that “in the mid-May time period I had knowledge that there were media inquiries” about Bruno’s travel. Spitzer went on to say that he considered them “not only a distraction but essentially irrelevant to the process of government.”

When asked if Darren Dopp would return to any position in the administration, Spitzer said, “I will await finality in all of these matters then make that determination.”

Spitzer Is Officially Popular Again