Stern: Soares is a Bit Torquemada, a Bit Three Monkeys

Henry Stern is in with another column about Albany politics, in which he finds fault with Albany District Attorney David Soares for saying that the governor did nothing criminal.

From Stern’s column:

We do not know which is worse: the inquisitor before whom everyone is guilty, like Savonarola or Torquemada, or the Three Monkeys, see, hear and speak no evil, before whom everyone is innocent. Probably Soares, who was the Working Families Party candidate for DA against the Democratic organization, represents both worlds.

Soares received substantial campaign contributions from George Soros, the billionaire sponsor of He received the money on the basis of a commitment not to prosecute minor drug offenders, although sometimes state law required it. Soares has lost credibility because of the double standard he takes with different state-wide public officials. His conduct in these cases makes his political ambition another casualty of Troopergate, nee Choppergate.