Stone’s “Apology” Letter

Attached is the actual letter from Roger Stone apologizing to Dale Hemmerdinger, Chairman of the MTA, Democratic fund-raiser, and owner of the building where Stone lives, for saying Hemmerdinger, in essence, framed Stone for the prank phone call to Eliot Spitzer’s father.

After the call was traced to a telephone number registered to Stone’s apartment at 40 Central Park South, Stone suggested that since Hermmerdinger owned the building, he had keys to the apartment, and therefore, could have let anyone enter the apartment to make the call.

“It was inappropriate for me to suggest that just because you are a major Democratic Party fundraiser, major Spitzer fundraiser and the Governor’s appointee to the MTA, that you would wrongly enter my apartment or have someone do so on your behalf even though management has access and keys to every apartment.”