Sunday, September 9th

Cloister? I just met her! With the cooler weather comes the delicious sense of wanting to start to feel soothed and smart and acquire the kind of tweedy boyfriend Hugh Grant or Clive Owen or Linus Roache would play in the movie we have running … incessantly … loudly … in our head. Today is perhaps your day to find your Burberry-clad mystery man as the cathedral of St. John the Divine offers a tour of the gardens and grounds, “free from the distraction of city life.” Checking back in with the fashion distraction further downtown, wrap artist Diane von Furstenberg, pink-cheeked Michael Kors (whom we can’t wait to start seeing again on Project Runway), and Tuleh will send their creations down the runway. Homeward, HBO finally gives us something to hold on to with the Season Six premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm (meanwhile we’ll skip HBO’s ploy for capturing the soiled-fat-bachelors-in-boxers-and-horny-cougars-in-leopard-prints demographic, Tell Me You Love Me—who knew there was such a thing as too much nudity? We saw more balls than at the U.S. Open! Somebody, quick—bring us our hot dog trousers!)

[Urban Oasis, The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, 112th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., 212-932-7347; Diane Von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Tuleh, for showtimes and locations,, all shows by invitation only; Curb Your Enthusiasm, 10 p.m., HBO]