The Morning Read; Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Eliot Spitzer is fighting to keep private some emails sought by the Ethics Commission.

Spitzer is expected to name NYRA as winner of the state’s horseracing franchise, while inviting others to bid on control of casinos at Aqueduct and Belmont.

A Brooklyn woman in public housing died after climbing 10 flights of stairs when the elevator in her apartment building wasn’t working.

The city paid $458 million in court settlements in 2006.

Lawsuits stemming from the terrorist attacks are moving forward.

The city wants to promote cycling as a mode of transportation.

David Paterson likes the idea of non-citizen voting.

A former White House lawyer tells his story.

The trick for Bill Clinton is not to overshadow Hillary.

John Edwards and Barack Obama make the case that Hillary is a Washington insider.

Roger Simon looks at Hillary’s carefully calculated campaign.

Rudy Giuliani will head to areas damaged by Hurricane Katrina to talk about emergency preparedness.

Jonah Goldberg thinks the media mishandled the original reporting on Hurricane Katrina.

And police are investigating a small explosion outside a building on West 29th Street and 8th Avenue this morning.

The Morning Read; Tuesday, September 4, 2007