The Serena Loss In Context

Last night, my friend Goldburn took objection with my opinion that last night’s loss was one of Serena’s worst.

Goldburn: I don’t think it was one of the worst losses of her career
me: if you consider henin is (1) a rival and (2) serena unraveled against that rival and lost to her for a 3rd time in a GS this year and (3) you don’t put up a fight — that’s pretty devastating.


Goldburn: I think psychologically losing to justine for the 3rd time is tough, but the way serena’s mind works it isn’t as if she played her best and got beat. so it should just make her try harder.
me: totally. but serena’s whole game is based on confidence and dominance. To lose that badly to someone like henin throws that whole belief system into question.
Goldburn: I don’t think so because she knows she can play better. serena grew up being the last child of a big family living in compton, so she reconfigures all of this in her mind as the world is against her so she’ll curse everyone out and she’ll be back. you have to understand how she thinks.
Goldburn: my prediction–if venus wins this serena is gonna be in the shape of her life next year and getting to grand slam finals again