Tuesday, September 18th

Stiffen that martini with some viagra, boys: GQ is turning 50! And boy do we have a lot to thank it for—swoon-worthy pictorials of men in fitted suits, Orlando on the cover (twice!), many, many photo spreads of packages bulging like the cheeks of Leningrad chipmunks, and the fact that our male friends now ask us about moisturizer. Editor in chief Jim Nelson hosts a bash at Cedar Lake, an old Annie Leibovitz studio in Chelsea. (Word is one already happened in Milan during Men’s Fashion Week earlier in the summer; what happens in Milan stays in Milan!) Look for a slew of actors, designers, athletes, rent boys and of course, past GQ covers subjects. … Kanye West will perform, expensive haircuts will be present, and we’ll find out if male models actually have rhythm (we’re guessing not). Ladies who think there are no men in Manhattan: Not so tonight! Meanwhile, GQ contributors likely to attend include big-ticket scribes Robert Draper and George Saunders (straight from the book festival!), not to mention Glenn O’Brien, David Kamp, and photographers Mark Seliger and dirty bird Terry Richardson. But speaking of hot men, environmental crusader and former Vanity Fair cover subject Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his falcon will appear at the preppy GANT store tonight as part of a green-minded speaker series benefiting the Waterkeeper Alliance. More proof that the best way to save our planet is to buy stuff! Meanwhile, the TV show that’s going to make us stay home all fall, Gossip Girl, will fete itself in true Upper East Side prep-schooler fashion: At Tenjune! Wear your knee socks and pleated skirts, ladies; everyone in attendance will be much younger than you. Also tonight: the New Yorkers for Children Fall Gala—co-chaired by, among others, Oscar de la Renta and LeAnn Rimes—the surest annual sign we know of that our dear socialites have returned from the east. Phew!

[GQ 50th Anniversary Bash, Cedar Lake, 547 West 26th Street, 9 p.m.; “Patterns of Green” Speaker Series, Robert F. Kennedy, benefiting Waterkeeper Alliance, GANT, 645 Fifth Avenue, 6 p.m., 212-230-1961; Gossip Girl Launch Party, Tenjune, 26 Little West 12th Street, cwevents@cwtv.com, 7 p.m.; NYFC 2007 Annual Fall Gala, 583 Park Avenue, 6:30 p.m., 646-375-4020]