Vallone, Bigtime

Here’s a picture of Kevin Spacey and Tony Bennett with Peter Vallone, Jr., courtesy of his new campaign web site. Vallone, the chair of the City Council’s public safety committee, is stepping up his campaign activities with four upcoming fund-raisers over the next four weeks, starting with one tonight at Citrus (320 Amsterdam Avenue), to be co-hosted by by the Fordham Law Democrats.

On September 19th, Vallone is having a fund-raiser at Zodiac Café. Then, on October 2nd, a major fund-raiser at the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden and on October 9th, a fund-raiser at the Paparazzi Restaurant with Hispanic donors, according to a source close to Vallone.

The events are all taking placing in and around Astoria, which has a history of electing Vallones for some time, and, perhaps tellingly, the maximum contribution being accepted, according to a source, is $4,950: the limit for contributions under state law. Meaning Vallone may be eyeing a seat in the state legislature.

If he opts to run for something like borough president, as it’s been rumored, the money exceeding the city limit can always be returned to donors.