Wednesday, September 12th

Just … one … more … day! And Fashion Week goes away like a bad dream after eating too many mussels in a French bistro in Petauket. … The white tents will come down (SWOOSH!), New York women can stop dressing up like they’re actually going to the shows when they’re really just watching them on TV with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s between their thighs, and the by-now fetid fleet of Condé Nast town cars can go in for a thorough cleaning and de-lousing (here, kitty kitty kitty!) . The tents are gone bye-bye till February (phew) after today’s shows from Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger (who knew he was such a Blondie fan?) and fun-to-attempt-to-say Tadashi Shoji. Quite near all the hubbub, bub, will be Lucky beauty editor Jean Godrey-June and her book Free Gift with Purchase. The book is about fashion and celebrity—or just about the beauty closets and medicine cabinets of beauty editors (read: jars and jars of Crème de la Mer). Remember, for every pristine closet, there’s an overeducated and underpaid assistant who spends every waking moment in there, very frightened, making sure things look right (you know the bad husband in Sleeping With the Enemy and his weirdo obsession with can labels all facing the same direction? Multiply that a few times and you’ll be getting somewhere near the standards of a Condé Nast beauty closet—honest). Anyway, moving on, Spiegel World—that whacked-out place down by Pier 17 that for the life of us, we still can’t quite figure out—hosts a concert by Duncan Sheik, playing with his new band David Poe and Friends. God, we love to say Duncan Sheik. Did you know there’s a place at Spiegel World where you can have a cocktail in the Green Fairy Garden? Does this concern anyone?

[Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger and Tadashi Shoji, for fashion showtimes and locations,, all fashion shows by invitation only; Jean Godrey-June, Word for Word Authors Series, The Bryant Park Reading Room, 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue,; Duncan Sheik at Spiegel World, Pier 17, South Street Seaport,]