Weinberg says Gordon and Voss have “great integrity”

State Sen. Loretta Weinberg today praised the integrity of two potential Senate candidates in the neighboring 38th district, and said that Democratic Party leaders should let the elected county committee members should make the decision.
“Senator Joseph Coniglio made a very tough decision. The legal system will now run its course, and I wish him well,” said Weinberg. “I also certainly hope that none of our own democratic party leaders, nor any Republican will insinuate that my colleagues, Assembly members Bob Gordon or Joan Voss, are somehow implicated in this investigation because they received subpoenas. I know them both to be hardworking legislators of great integrity. Assemblyman Gordon was a member of the Assembly Health Committee when I was privileged to chair it. He is extremely knowledgeable and competent. Assemblywoman Joan Voss has been a champion for many issues with which I am involved. As the Senate sponsor of the Autism bills signed by the Governor yesterday, I was proud to work with her on this package of bills.

“The law requires that only the county committee members elected by the Democratic Primary voters in District 38 choose a candidate to replace Senator Coniglio on the ballot. That is just what they should be allowed to do,” Weinberg said. “It is my opinion that they have an obligation to the rank and file Democrats who elected them to listen to the candidates and to choose the person who they feel will best represent our party in the November election and most important, the person who will make the best possible Senator for the residents of District 38 and indeed for our State! I wish them wisdom in this important obligation.”