Whom Will PETA Pelt? Obligatory Q&A With Cream-Pie-Heaving Activist

Yesterday outside the tents, we caught up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals senior campaign coordinator Matt Rice, who was handing out anti-fur materials with a “sexy policewoman” (get it, the Fashion Police, ho ho ho). We wondered who’d be getting pies to the mug this week, but Mr. Rice was tight-lipped: “I can’t give away all our secrets just yet!”

He did share that one of PETA’s big targets at the moment is British fashion behemoth Burberry (not showing this week), which “continues to sell fur despite the fact that we met with them months ago and showed them video footage of how animals are bludgeoned to death and skinned alive for their fur,” he said. Michael Kors and Max Azria are also on the PETA persona non grata list. Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and the Gap, on the other hand, have all sworn off fur, he said.

Of perennial PETA target Anna Wintour, Mr. Rice said: “It doesn’t take a creative genius to rip the skin off an animal and dress somebody like a caveman. Editors who still use real fur are a dying breed. The younger generation is largely opposed to it.”

The “sexy policewoman” look was in fact not sexy at all, but otherwise, we were in agreement.