A Candidate’s Suggestion to Council Incumbents: Quit Your Day Jobs

Bob Zuckerman, a past president of the Stonewall Democratic Club and prospective City Council candidate for Brownstone Brooklyn (Park Slope, Carroll Garden, Kensington, etc) has a proposal for his maybe-future colleagues: Quit your second jobs.

“If you’re getting paid the kind of salary that a Councilman is getting paid–which for many of them, because they’re committee chairs, is over $100,000–you should be focusing 100 percent of your time and energy serving your constituents,” Zuckerman told me, outlining what may be the official progressive line of 2009.

“What’s the median income of New York City? It’s a lot lower than that. It’s in the mid-50’s range. This [Council salary] is double that. If you can’t make ends meet on that kind of salary, maybe you should look for some other kind work.”