Back to the Future

To the Editor:

Re “Aaaaugh-bama!” [Oct. 8]:

The reason Barack Obama is behind in the polls is obvious. The media created Mr. Obama, but there is no rationale for his candidacy. His multicultural background may appeal to media elites, but not to the average voter.

Mr. Obama’s so-called charisma has been overblown. Baby boomers are not receptive to Mr. Obama’s pitch for generational change, since boomers regard themselves as in the prime of life, and are not ready to throw in the towel. And when it comes to population numbers, baby boomers dominate.

Contrary to what Mr. Obama preaches, Democrats don’t want to seek common ground with the G.O.P. In fact, they want to destroy the G.O.P. They have neither forgotten nor forgiven the way Republicans ignored them in Congress when they were in the minority, the impeachment of Bill Clinton, or the stolen election of 2000.

Furthermore, most Democrats think Bill Clinton was a good president, and would not mind going back to the 1990’s, when we had peace and prosperity—therefore, they support Hillary Clinton for president.

Reba Shimansky

Back to the Future