Clinton Donors Gloat Over Hillary’s Third Quarter Haul

Here is the take of Hassan Nemazee, a major Clinton bundler, on her unexpectedly strong third quarter fund-raising.

“The third quarter is historically the hardest quarter to raise money for political campaigns, and the fact that she was able to out raise not only Obama, but Obama and Edwards combined, as well as more than doubling what any Republican raised is indicative of her strength as a candidate,” said Mr. Nemazee. “She will be the best financed to be able to put her message out.”

“It makes it much more difficult for the Obama campaign to go out in the fourth quarter,” he continued. “Now they’ve not only got the national polls running against them, and the insistent inevitability issue that is being raised, you are now getting a lot of people who are saying to themselves, if they are Obama people or prospective Obama people, ‘Am I really prepared to put some money into this given the fact that it doesn’t look like it is going to happen?’”

To that end, he had a message for donors in in the Obama campaign.

“The Clinton people,” he said. “We have open arms and are ready for you.”

Clinton Donors Gloat Over Hillary’s Third Quarter Haul