Craig Johnson About As Delighted as Most Senate Dems About Spitzer Plan

So I’ve been calling around to find out how Eliot Spitzer’s closest allies in Albany, the Democratic minority in the state Senate, feel about the governor’s new three-tiered driver’s license plan. And I’ve not been finding a ton of enthusiasm.

“We’re studying the plan,” said Craig Johnson, a Democrat from Nassau who Spitzer helped get into office in a special election earlier this year.

Johnson had opposed Spitzer’s original plan and was seen as the kind of Democrat from a Republican-leaning district who could be most hurt by the original plan, which would have allowed illegal immigrants to obtain the same kind of licenses as legal residents.

So Spitzer’s compromise policy is, presumably, more amenable to lawmakers like Johnson. Or maybe not.

“Right now I’m focused on working my district, so I really don’t have much of a thought on that,” he said.