Deutsch: “I’ll Pick a Guy Like Roger Ailes Any Day of the Week.”

CNBC’s Donnie Deutsch–who recently told The Observer that Fox Business “will go after me like they go after everyone”–had more to say today about his new rival.

“He’s throwing grenades, and I’m a warrior so I respect that,” Mr Deutsch told’s Lloyd Grove in an interview today, referring to Fox News president Roger Ailes. “Nobody’s curing cancer here, and so people are going take off the gloves and want to knock dukes. That’s fucking America, man! That’s what this country is, so to me, I’ll pick a guy like Roger Ailes any day of the week.”

Mr. Ailes, however, may not feel the same way about Mr. Deutsch. He recently told the Columbus Dispatch, “I’m not sure if Donny Deutsch is really the answer for them, even though he announces he is. I’m not sure it’s anything more than a very expensive way to meet girls for him.”