DiNapoli, Johnson Don’t Rush to Defend Driver’s License Initiative

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli stopped by a while ago to talk to the folks on “bloggers row” (which is actually full of recognizable print bylines like Liz Benjamin, Dan Janison and Nicholas Confessore), and said, among other things, that when he was in the Assembly, he did not support a bill to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, which Eliot Spitzer has made a major priority.

DiNapoli added that he’d like to “give the governor a chance” and that “it’s his call.”

(Separately, DiNapoli also let drop the bit of news that he hired former Assemblyman Dan Feldman of Brooklyn, who used to work for Eliot Spitzer in the Attorney General’s office and ran unsuccessfully for congress against Anthony Weiner.) Shortly afterwards, newly elected Democratic state Senator Craig Johnson of Long Island was asked for his position on the driver’s license issue, and said that he “no comment” and that he hadn’t “reviewed it.” But he did vote for a Republican bill in the state Senate that basically ran counter to Spitzer’s proposals.