Donald Trump Giving Out Free Money Outside 5th Ave. Barnes & Noble

Donald Trump’s people are giving out free money right now outside the Barnes & Noble at 5th Avenue and 46th Street, to promote Mr. Trump’s new book, Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life.

Mr. Trump is not due to arrive until 12:30—he will deliver a short speech outside and then go upstairs to sign books—but according to Rubenstein public relations VP Rachel Nagler, who is on the scene, people have already queued up outside. “The line is becoming pretty long, so we are probably going to start giving out some money soon,” she said.

According to Ms. Nagler, the first hundred people to get to the front will each get $100. “Free money will be given out from now until about 12:30,” she said.

Asked if there were any, um, homeless people in the line, Ms. Nagler said she hadn’t checked.

“It’s hard to say,” she said. “I haven’t asked anyone about their living situation.”