Dopp Lawyer: It’s Lynch’s Gain, Government’s Loss

So, why didn’t Darren Dopp stay on at his job with Eliot Spitzer? Dopp isn’t taking questions, but I just got the authorized version from his lawyer, Terrence Kindlon.

“Well, that’s a great question. He’s moving on after being exonerated,” Kindlon said.

Where was he exonerated?

In the DA’s office in Albany County.”

If he was exonerated, why not go back to the governor’s office?

“Because the fact is that Troopergate, such as it is, is going to linger for – forever. He doesn’t know when it ends. And he needs to get on with his life and he thinks he can make a real contribution at the Lynch firm,” Kindlon said.

He added, “He’s a widely respected pro and knows the business inside and out. Frankly, it’s her gain and the government’s loss. But he thought about it long and hard and finally concluded that his days in government were over.”

Dopp Lawyer: It’s Lynch’s Gain, Government’s Loss